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Macrium launch superfast viBoot for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines


  • Supports legacy MBR and UEFI booting systems with drives up to 64TB in size.
  • Automatic injection of critical mass storage controller drivers and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) settings using Macrium ReDeploy.
  • No lengthy conversion process to create a Virtual Disk file. viBoot enables Hyper-V Virtual Machines to boot instantly into existing Macrium Reflect .mrimg image files by creating a virtual SCSI disk on the Hyper-V host.
  • Persistence beyond the life of the VM. Automatically create Incremental, Differential or Full images of changes made in the Virtual Machine environment and restore these changes back to the physical machine.

By utilising viBoot, customers can ensure zero downtime for critical PC’s and Servers and take the stress out of replacing or upgrading system hardware. viBoot can create a copy of live environments to test new software before installing it on production machines. viBoot could also be used as a performance test platform as part of Physical to Virtual (P2V) rollout strategy.

For more information and a video on how Macrium viBoot works, please visit Macrium’s website.

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Macrium provide a complete disaster recovery solution for home or business which is used worldwide to protect documents, data and operating systems. Using advanced disk imaging technology the entire disk contents are securely saved in an easily recoverable backup file. With over 3 million installs worldwide, Macrium is a trusted and reliable solution for all disk recovery and backup needs.