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Support Response Guidelines

  • Support Tickets & Emails

  • For Business Customers: We aim to respond to support tickets and emails within 12 working hours.

  • For Home Customers: Our target is to reply to your queries within 24 working hours.

  • Please note that these response times are based on our best efforts and do not necessarily reflect the time required to fully resolve your issue. While we strive to address and resolve your concerns at our first response, there are occasions where this may not be possible. Rest assured, we are committed to providing effective solutions and support as quickly as we can.

Support Terms and conditions

  • The business Support and Maintenance subscriptions are for 12 months and must be renewed on or before the expiry date to retain access to support and maintenance. Home Essentials is for 12 months only and cannot be renewed, unless a new license is purchased.

Extra support

  • Don't forget, there are plenty of online resources available in our KnowledgeBase and you can connect with other customers in our forums.

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Support Options

  • Home Essentials

    Macrium Reflect 8 Home Edition includes 12 months free Technical Support. This will ensure that not only do you get a great backup tool for your home PCs, but you know that there is help if you need it. Support Forum access and Minor updates (i.e. v8.0 to v8.x) will be perpetual for the life of Macrium Reflect 8.

  • Support and Maintenance for Business Users

    Enjoy 12 months of support via email and, if needed, remote access to your problem system. If needed we can remote access into your system to resolve problems wherever you are in the world.

  • Premium Support for Business Users

    We believe that a quick response time is key for businesses and from January 2023 all new business purchases and renewals include the premium SLA.

  • Trial Users

    Macrium is pleased to make email support available for users evaluating our software.