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The complete backup solution for personal use. Protect documents, data and operating systems using advanced disk imaging technology.
Standalone Standalone
Macrium Reflect - accurate and reliable backup and recovery for individual PCs and servers.
Site Backup Site Backup
Macrium Site Manager is a central management console that enables backup, restore and monitoring of multiple networked computers.
Technicians Technicians
Technician license arrangement is ideal for IT technicians or service companies who maintain a large number of PCs.

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What is Macrium Reflect?

Macrium Reflect is image based backup and cloning software.

Macrium Reflect creates an accurate and reliable image of a hard disk or the partitions on the disk. In the event of a partial or complete system loss, you can use this image to restore the entire disk, one or more partitions, or even individual files and folders.

Using Macrium Reflect you can backup whole partitions or individual files and folders into a single compressed, mountable archive file. You can use this archive to restore exact images of the partitions on a hard disk so that you can easily upgrade your hard disk or recover your system if it breaks. You can also mount images as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer to easily recover Files and Folders using Copy and Paste.