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Stockholm Tech Show, May 22-23 2024, Stockholm, Sweden

Step into the next digital era

- the future is NOW

Step into the next digital era – the future is NOW. Dive straight into a pulsating hub of innovation and forward thinking. Here awaits a fireworks display of future technology gathered under one roof as you encounter visionaries, innovators, and the industry’s most exciting companies and start-ups. Be the first to see, meet, and explore as you join us on an unparalleled journey through the latest in technology, from AI breakthroughs to revolutionary cloud solutions and the future of mobile communication. Stockholm Tech Show is your gateway to new trends and technologies that define our world.

Experience the Nordics' largest conference in Hi-Tech

The conference's 150+ speakers, experts and decision makers will share the latest in the world of technology and the unique insights that drive the industry forward. Here, every moment is an opportunity to redefine what is possible in the high-tech world

Explore innovative solutions for the Hi-Tech of the future and be inspired by the latest trends. You gain knowledge and experience that prepare you and your organization for tomorrow's challenges and the tools to be a leading figure in the high-tech future. Discuss current issues and completely new opportunities with speakers and participants.

The program reflects and drives development, and where you are inspired by new ground-breaking technological innovations at each session. You will be able to take part in the experts, both national and international, who present case studies and show the way for the technology of the future.

Mingle with industry colleagues for two dynamic days filled with insights and new perspectives. Here you get the chance to collaborate, create unexpected connections, take part in visionary analyses, inspiring conversations and new perspectives. The conference gives you the opportunity not only to follow, but to shape the technological development.

Welcome to an event that not only sets the tone for the future, but also gives you the tools to shape it!

Focus areas

  • AI & Big data
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Data Centre
  • Cyber Security & Cloud
  • Mobile and Telecom