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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) operate in a fast-moving market and face a number of challenges to remain competitive and successful.

From developing innovative products that stand out from the crowd and managing supply chain transparency to selecting compatible embedded software solutions that integrate seamlessly with their products.

Partnering with the right software provider can empower OEMs to enhance their solutions, deliver industry leading products and customer support that delights end users and establishes their reputation for long-term success.

The Challenges of Sourcing OEM Solutions

Choosing embedded software products is no easy task for an OEM. The trend towards SaaS business models adds further challenges
when selecting the right OEM supplier and product for their needs.

  • Licensing and Activation

    The major shift to SaaS technologies has presented complexities for OEMs. The challenges of licensing uncertainty on devices often not managed by your organization, compound the reality of activation problems.

  • Quality Assurance

    If software fails to perform as promised, it can result in remedial costs and frustrations for the end user. It also has the potential to significantly impact an OEM’s support cost base and their reputation irreparably.

  • Long-Term Servicing Readiness

    OEMs may need to access Long-Term Servicing Channels (LTSCs). Carrying the guarantee that functionality and features don’t change over time, these kinds of agreements can prove difficult to source and negotiate.

  • Lack of Visibility of Operational Environments

    Once an OEM’s equipment reaches the end user, they no longer have visibility of its operational environment. This can leave any problems and solutions needed out of an OEM’s control. Including hardware and software-related issues and even whether the product is connected to the internet.

Customer Testimonial

"Macrium allows our business to focus more effectively, reducing the risks associated with data loss and downtime. This gives our clients peace of mind that their systems and data are available to them when they need them most."

Martin Paul, IT Works

Embedded Backup and Recovery Software for OEMs

The need for OEMs to source reliable suppliers to support their goals, safeguard their reputations and maintain product integrity couldn't be greater.

At Macrium Software, we’re the ideal embedded backup and recovery software supplier for OEMs - here’s why:

Flexible Licensing Options

OEMs can deploy our embedded backup software on a lifetime license basis, alongside with our OEM partner support and build license. This enables them to offer consistent functionality and features, ongoing backups for the life of their device and support options that reflect product lifecycles.

Easy Installation and Activation

Reduced time-to-market, faster build times, easy activation, inbuilt compliance, lower support costs and white label options. These are just some of the benefits of working with our trusted, easy to install and activate backup and recovery software for OEMs.

Scalable Solutions

OEMs need embedded software solutions to support their rapid growth as they work to achieve economies of scale. Our backup and recovery software is designed to scale and handle increasing volumes of data without negatively affecting performance.

Reputable, Quality Software Trusted by Leading Brands

With a continual improvement program guided by user feedback, our backup and deployment products have evolved into top-rated, industry-leading solutions. Our NPS score is consistently high and we regularly receive positive feedback and reviews from customers.


Security is a top concern for OEMs and for us. That’s why we offer AES encryption built-in, an effective defense against cyber crime, such as ransomware attacks. This enables OEMs to reassure end users that their data is safe and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Complete Solution

More than backup and recovery, users can also perform cloning and deployment with Macrium’s range of software. This proven and reliable technology enables OEMs to replicate machines and reduce manufacturing lead times.

Flexible Options

Quality Assurance

Long-Term Servicing

Customer Testimonial

"Macrium's most important feature is its simplicity. We really like the product; it's very stable. We're confident that when we install and configure backups, there won't be any issues, especially for our customers doing daily backups.

Bert Coppens, General Manager, uVion

Your Ideal OEM Backup and Recovery Solution Provider

At Macrium, we’re confident we have the software integration solutions OEMs need to exceed the expectations of their end users and make an impact in a fast-evolving marketplace. Click the button below to see how Macrium can enhance your OEM products.