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Backup is a powerful tool in ensuring the reliability and performance of IT equipment.

Why use the Macrium Reflect Technician's License?

With a Macrium Reflect Technician's License, IT maintenance and support engineers can put the power of Macrium Reflect's backup engine in their pocket - on a USB stick.

This is useful because it gives engineers the ability to use Macrium Reflect without having to install it on a target workstation or server. Reflect can simply be run from a USB stick.

With a bootable rescue environment included, the Technician's License also makes it possible to repair and restore computers that won't boot.

How does the Technician's License work?

The Technician's License allows one technician to use the USB/ISO based portable application to backup and recover an unlimited number of individual servers and workstations.

The portable Technicians USB is created via Macrium Reflect Server, therefore your license also includes a free perpetual, single install of Macrium Reflect Server and technical support during the subscription period.

Looking for Golden Image deployment to different machines or hardware, check out our Deployment Kit for offline or manual deployment or SiteDeploy for scaled and remote deployment


With a Technician's License you can add Macrium Reflect to a USB stick and carry the power of its backup engine in your pocket.


Perform maintenance and provide technical support with confidence by backing up data without ever installing Macrium on target machines.


By combining portability with reliability, you can ensure that users can get back to using their equipment quickly.

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