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It's easy to overlook the manual work required by IT administrators and technicians to set up and configure many different PCs or servers in a way that is consistent and secure.

However, for a diverse range of industries it's absolutely essential.

Effective and rapid deployment allows employees to simply focus on doing what they do best.

That's where Macrium Deployment Kit comes in.

Thanks to its portable application support, it allows you to create a "master" or "golden" image that can be easily deployed across an unlimited number of workstations and servers.

How does the License work?

The Macrium Deployment Kit USB is created via Macrium Reflect Server, therefore all purchases of Deployment Kit include 1 Macrium Reflect Server License valid for 5 concurrent installs* plus technical support.

If you decide not to renew, your purchase will revert to an unsupported server license. Any backup images can still be restored back to the original machine, but you will not be able to use the portable USB/ISO app, or deploy any images to new machines.

Looking for a more efficient, scaled and automated way to deploy Golden Images, check out SiteDeploy. If you just need to backup and restore to indidivudal machines check out our Technicians License.


Deploy a master image to an unlimited number of workstations or servers.


Replicate a system image at scale to ensure employees have access tools and resources.


Protect your master image, and update and deploy safely and quickly whenever you need to.

How does the Macrium Deployment Kit work?

Macrium deployment is powered by sophisticated backup technology but it makes setting up workstations and servers at scale simple.

It works like this:

  1. Once you've purchased Macrium Deployment Kit, create the bootable rescue media by installing the software on a USB (this can be done by up to 5 technicians).
  2. Once you've done this you set up and image your "master" machine - this is what you then replicate across all your target workstations and servers.
  3. This image can then be saved to the USB devices set up with Macrium's bootable rescue media.
  4. Use your USB devices to restore your master image to as many machines as you like.

This video demonstrates how it's done in more detail.

What about workstation and server backup?

The Macrium Reflect backup engine is used to image a single master or golden image - it doesn't provide protection to the workstations or servers you set up. You can also use the Deployment Kit for ad hoc backups of workstations and servers (ie. not scheduled).

For scheduled backup protection across workstations or servers, you'll need to purchase standalone Macrium Reflect Workstation or Server licenses.

Standalone Products

You can deploy Macrium Reflect at scale remotely using Macrium Agent Licenses.

Learn more about Macrium Agent Licences

An alternative to Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost was one of the largest image deployment tools on the market. However, it is no longer available, and not a viable option for deploying software effectively at scale.

Macrium Deployment Kit is an effective alternative to Norton Ghost for users looking for a replacement. It has a number of advantages.

  • Modern hardware support AND driver injection
  • Bare Metal (USB/CD ISO/PXE) deployment capabilities
  • Ultra fast delta restore to return PC to known state

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