Macrium Valued Partner

The Macrium Valued Partner (MVP) program has been extended to include Managed Service Providers. The program is open to new and existing partners in territories that are covered by a distribution partner. Check with to find out if your country is included.

Metered Billing:

To allow us to adapt to the way you sell your services, we are happy to introduce metered billing for Managed Service Providers. The tools and pricing are optimised for Managed Service Providers who wish to manage the backup of PCs and Servers on a customer's site. With metered billing you will be able to manage licenses by usage, rather than purchasing a license per PC. Now you can create and download Metered License Keys.

A Metered License Key can then be added to Macrium Site Manager 7 - only one Metered Key per site is needed. Once the Metered License key is added, it is then registered with the Macrium Licensing database and you only pay as you use the license.

On the last day of the calendar month, a report will be generated from each Site Manager instance that details the type of agents used and the maximum number of agents deployed in the previous month. This report is known as the Deployed Agents Report, and you will find details of the number of sites and agents deployed. You will receive an invoice from your distributor for the number of Agents deployed across your different customers in the previous month. 


Macrium Site Manager 7 for the local deployment, management and reporting on backup agents, repositories and schedules.

Macrium Multi Site for Cloud based administration of many customers and sites.

Billing model:
Per agent per month billing for Servers and PCs.

Macrium Site Manager Screen

Get Involved:

If you are an existing partner, make sure you have access to the current version of the Macrium Partner portal by following this link

When you next logon you can select “MSP Portal” and register as an MSP. As soon as you are approved by the Macrium Partner management team, you can generate and deploy the Metered Billing Keys to a Site Manager 7 installation.

If you are new, then register as an MVP Reseller and follow the above process once you have access to the Macrium Partner Portal.