Macrium Site Manager Screen

Macrium Site Manager 7 is our central management console for endpoint backup of your site. The first step to site backup is the Starter Pack. As needs grow or change, additional bundles of agents can be easily added - allowing simple management of your backup needs.

What is it?

Macrium Site Manager is a great new addition to the Reflect family of image based backup solutions. Now it is much easier to deploy large numbers of Macrium Reflect endpoint backup agents and manage these from a central location. IT Administrators will be able to use a customisable Dashboard to view backup status at a glance and easy problem identification and resolution.

Site Manager User Guide

What does it do?

Using a clearly defined 4 step process the all new Site Manager allows IT Administrators to discover and group PCs and Servers on the network, define who and what is to be backed up, assign schedules and retention policies, and manage backup repositories. Comprehensive event management, alerts and security logging is included and accessible through a browser based user interface. The architecture leverages commonly used Microsoft Windows technologies and requires no specialist skills to install and configure.

Trial the Macrium Site Manager

The MSM is available at no cost and includes a 30 day trial for 5 workstations and 1 server. Additional machines and trial period extensions are available on request. Existing standalone Reflect installations can be managed indefinitely.

Minimum Requirements
Site Manager: Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
Agent: Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or later.
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Starter Pack

Macrium Site Manager 7 Starter Pack:

The Starter Pack is a great bundle of 1 Server and 5 Workstation Macrium Agent Licenses plus the full Macrium Site Manager console, that allows a small business to quickly and confidently backup systems and data.


Macrium Site Manager 7 Workstation MAL Bundles:

These cost effective and scalable bundle of Macrium Agent Licenses that are for use with the Macrium Site Manager.  These agents, specifically for use on Workstations, are only for use with Macrium Site Manager.


Macrium Site Manager Server (Physical) MAL Bundles:

These bundles of Server MAL agents are great value for money when there are many physical machines to backup. These licenses are only for use with Macrium Site Manager.

Virtual Server

Macrium Site Manager Server (Virtual) MAL Bundles:

These bundles are for use with Macrium Site Manager for backing up Windows virtual machines running on any hypervisor. These licenses, specifically for use on virtual servers, are only for use with Macrium Site Manager.