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Effective business backup and recovery software is vital for any business today. Businesses operate against a backdrop of ongoing digital transformation, globalization, and an ever-evolving threat landscape, and with 30% of businesses having lost data due to an outage, it’s never been more critical to safeguard data, infrastructure, and systems in the face of increasing challenges.

From developing data backup processes that comply with regulations and implementing disaster recovery plans to mitigating the effects of malicious threats. Businesses need absolute certainty that their backup and recovery solutions will not only guard their data but mitigate risk and ensure they can get back up and running in the event of a data loss disaster.

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The Challenges of Sourcing Reliable Business Backup

Taking a methodical approach to data backup is an essential but complex responsibility for IT professionals. Cyber security threats, hardware failures, human error and ensuring data integrity and availability are just some of the many factors in the balance.

  • Slow Backup Processes

    Creating backups of your business’s data should be fast and unobtrusive. But in reality, business users often experience disruptions during the data backup process, affecting their productivity while the backup happens. Many of the options available on the market are simply too slow or don’t offer the tools and features IT professionals need to back up and manage large volumes of data effectively. To mitigate the negative effects, home users should look for backups with powerful scheduling tools, CPU priority settings, and speed optimization settings that all minimize interruptions.

  • Handling Cumbersome Software

    One of the common reasons IT professionals tell us they’re switching to Macrium is having to navigate poorly designed software interfaces that don’t allow granular control over backups (and, worryingly, the inability to actually recover from those backups), with inadequate or unresponsive support from vendors.

  • Dealing with Dissimilar Hardware

    System migrations often involve different hardware configurations. IT professionals in SMEs often face the task of executing seamless data transfers and system restores across varied hardware. This presents compatibility issues and can threaten the success of hardware upgrades or computer rebuilds.

  • Ineffective Storage Strategies

    Backup images are typically huge file sizes that are impractical to store in the cloud at business scale due to costs and bandwidth limitations (especially if there’s a need to recover). Not to mention the associated security risks of having your entire business’s systems, stored with a third party. Business users should prioritize solutions that focus on onsite backups, with compression tools to minimize image sizes.

The Backup and Recovery Solution Your Business Needs

Macrium Reflect, our award-winning backup and recovery solution, is designed to meet your business's backup needs for stand-alone use (Site Manager offers centralized backup management for larger deployments and organizations), making backing up your data as painless as possible.

With features that empower you to avoid unplanned downtime, you can back up faster, manage your storage options, demonstrate compliance with regulations, and keep security front and center. These are just some of the reasons why over 80% of home users score us 5* on Trustpilot.

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Optimized Backups to Minimize Disruption

Reflect’s innovative scheduling tools allow IT teams to create regular backups during periods of low computer utilization or by selecting times outside of working hours. The ability to create full, incremental or differential backups and other smart technologies accelerate the backup process and help minimize user disruption during backups.

Gain Confidence in Your Backups

Reflect ensures data accuracy and reliability with verification and mounting features, so you can be certain backups are consistent and restorable. Notifications and user-friendly log files provide valuable assurance and confidence that Reflect is safeguarding your systems.

Save Time on Your Tasks

Our optimization tools significantly reduce the time it takes you to create backups. Combined with the option to choose full, incremental, or differential backups, Macrium Reflect minimizes the time taken to create your backups.

Take Control of Your Storage Options

Reflect optimizes storage with retention rules, compression, purging, and support for multiple destinations. The software simplifies the creation of air-gapped backups whilst also providing Azure or AWS storage options, allowing you to manage your storage space according to your needs without constraining your users' internet bandwidth.

Make Safety a Priority

Enhance security by encrypting, password-protecting, or restricting write access to your backups to protect your images from cyber threats and accidental deletion.

Pave the Way for Compliance

By supporting your business’ data backup and recovery strategy, Macrium Reflect can aid you in meeting regulations and certification standards by evidencing a diligent approach to protecting employee and customer data.

Getting Data Recovery Right

Businesses face significant risks associated with downtime. They also face the challenge of recovering critical data quickly (meeting Recovery Time Objective or RTO) with minimal data loss (meeting Recovery Point Objective or RPO). Industry data shows that 90% of SMEs close within one year if they cannot restore systems within five days of a cyber attack or natural disaster. Ensuring systems are quickly and fully recoverable and those backups can be relied on is crucial to continuity and minimizing operational impact.

Data Recovery - Pain Points

  • System Recovery Uncertainty

    Rapid recovery is essential during a disaster. Your IT teams need a user-friendly solution that allows you to create bootable media, virtualized recovery, and mount recovery media for selectively restoring data rather than whole partitions, provides greater control and efficiency during recovery processes - and enables you to meet your business’s RTO.

  • Recovery to Dissimilar Hardware

    Recovering systems to dissimilar hardware can be challenging or, at best, fail to recognise changes in hardware. Solutions need to recognize differences in hardware critical for the operating system start-up, such as storage controllers, motherboard or chipset.

  • Assuring Compliance

    Complying with regulations across different industries and geographies can hinge on defining and putting in place adequate backup strategies that help you beat your RTO/RPO. Solutions designed with these in mind help ensure that businesses can recover data within acceptable timeframes and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Unreliable Backups

    Businesses live in fear of data loss and system outages, yet (scarily) some backup solutions offer unreliable backups with questionable recoverability. These solutions often fail to create verified, complete backups, leaving organizations vulnerable when disaster strikes.

"With any other software, there is a 50% chance they may fail and break. But I can trust Macrium Reflect with updates every time. It's incredibly quick; in fact, no other software updates are quite as fast or reliable."

Martin Paul, IT Works

Ransomware Protection

Macrium Image Guardian provides anti-ransomware protection for golden images

Trusted by Millions

Macrium’s trusted and rapid imaging - 15 years on the market

Universal Deployment Media

Powerful, trusted boot media works on different firmware

The Data Recovery Solutions Your Business Needs

Macrium Reflect Standalone is the catch-all solution for your business needs in the face of data backup challenges. Whether you need backup and recovery for a small number of computers or for a larger IT landscape, our software is designed to minimize downtime, offer peace of mind, and meet your compliance objectives.

Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Minimize downtime after a disaster or hardware failure with powerful features such as rescue media, recovery mounting, and virtualized recovery, allowing you to boot up from the backup in just minutes. Forget waiting hours for a full system restore - Macrium gets you back to work or your critical files fast.

Greater peace of mind

Knowing Macrium Reflect is taking care of your computer backups provides a degree of assurance, but even better are our image mounting, verification and virtualization features, which allow you to tangibly see that images provide the insurance policy against disaster that you need.

Resolve Dissimilar Hardware Issues

Macrium Reflect enables you to seamlessly recover to dissimilar hardware, ensuring compatibility and smooth transitions during system restorations.

Total control of your backup image

Macrium Reflect is ideal for ‘air-gapped’ backups, which means in the event of a disaster or a cyber-attack, your backup images are right where you need them - locally and/or centrally.

Easing the Challenges of Complex Software

With an easy-to-use interface, knowledgeable email and telephone support available, online resources, and automated driver harvesting, Macrium Reflect simplifies the data recovery process for business users.

"What makes Macrium Reflect such a great tool is the reliability of the software, hands down. I can be confident that it will always work and I can get my images back."

Nigel Poore, Owner, Poorly PC

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Macrium to other businesses, and it’s nice to see a British home-grown product!"

Laurence Rimington, IS Field Support, Severn Trent Water

Your Ideal Business Backup and Recovery Software

At Macrium, we blend over 20 years of experience with industry-leading expertise and skill to bring you the business backup and recovery software you need to remain operational.

Our solutions are designed to help you mitigate risk, keep your critical data and backups safe from malicious, ever-evolving threats, get back up-and-running as quickly as possible after a disaster and to uphold your business’ reputation in a competitive marketplace.