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13 Aug 2019

Revised Backup Trends — August 2019

Macrium looks at the changing trends in the backup market.

1. “What are the big issues you’re seeing in the data backup world right now?”

The rapid pace of change and the proliferation of solutions is confusing customers.

2. “Ransomware is still probably the top issue corporate America is facing in terms of security. How do your products help customers combat ransomware?:

We added an extra layer of protection with Macrium Image Guardian (MIG). Backup is part of the whole security picture so Macrium Reflect includes MIG which protects backup files against ransomware attacks. Moreover, it prevents any unauthorised modification of any Macrium image backup files on local and USB volumes. Unlike other antivirus software products, MIG is focused on the single task of protecting Macrium files. The lightweight and robust agent also has a small footprint to ensure that the performance of the protected computers does not suffer. Read more about MIG.

3. “Macrium is in a very competitive space in the realm of backup software. What separates Macrium from the pack?”

Reliability and ease of use. There are many very complex solutions available to customers; we focus on the needs of the people managing backup; IT Administrators.

The questions you need to answer when you are choosing a backup solution are:

  • Is the tool easy to use? The software should be easy and quick.
  • Is the learning curve steep? Is it intuitive?
  • Does the software have a KnowledgeBase or manual?
  • Is there a forum for users?
  • Is technical support included?

One of the things that customers say about Macrium Reflect is that it is very easy to use. In addition to email and/or telephone support, Macrium has a complete KnowledgeBase, regular webinars and a customer support forum.

4. “What are common mistakes you see customers make in regards to setting up a backup strategy?”

The biggest mistake is thinking that backup is too expensive until disaster strikes. Unfortunately, too many people only come to appreciate the value of their data (and their time!) when it is too late. A core concept for your customer to think about is their “Recovery Time Objective”. What is the true value of your data? What is the value of your time? What other issues does data-loss create?

Another mistake is not having multiple copies of your backups for extra security. How many backups are needed to secure business continuity and data availability? Creating multiple copies protects your business from losing any critical data. The 3–2–1 backup rule is an effective strategy that instantly removes any single point of failure.

With Metered Billing for Managed Service Providers, you will be able to manage licenses by usage, rather than purchasing a license per PC. Now you be able to create and download Metered License Keys.

A Metered License Key can then be added to Macrium Site Manager 7 — only one Metered Key per site is needed. Once the Metered License key is added, it is then registered with the Macrium Licensing database and you only pay as you use the license. This includes the Deployed Agents Report service provided by our distribution partners.

If you aren’t already a Macrium partner, please contact us to join the Macrium Valued Partner Programme here.

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