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Ransomware is a growing cybersecurity risk for business and personal users alike. With threats becoming more targeted and attackers increasingly intelligent in their approach, it's essential that you take the necessary steps to defend your data against it.

Typically, backup is viewed as an important tool in mitigating the risks of ransomware. Unfortunately, however, backups aren't immune from the threat - and because backup is critical for disaster recovery and business continuity, frequently you'll find that ransomware software is today built to specifically target backup files to prevent easy data recovery.

That's why Macrium Reflect today includes Macrium Image Guardian, a feature that prevents backup files from being encrypted by ransomware.


Macrium Image Guardian is not resource intensive, so it will not undermine the performance of your servers or workstations.


Macrium Image Guardian provides protection to Macrium backup files only, to ensure optimal defense against ransomware.


Working alongside the powerful Macrium Reflect backup engine, Macrium Image Guardian provides additional security for user confidence.

How does Macrium Image Guardian work?

Macrium Image Guardian can protect files on local storage (including USB attached disks).

It works by granting write access to Macrium Reflect (v.7.1 and later) and related Macrium imaging tools only. This means that it’s impossible for any unauthorized modifications - like encryption by ransomware software - to take place.

These are the files that Macrium Image Guardian protects:


Backup Type


Macrium Reflect image files


Macrium Reflect File and Folder backup files


Macrium Reflect Exchange backup files


Macrium Reflect SQL backup files

Protection across networked machines

A further benefit of Macrium Image Guardian is that it can provide ransomware protection for backups across networked machines without having to be installed globally.

All that's required is for the single PC that shares a backup repository to have a full installation of Macrium Reflect. Provided this shared repository has Macrium Image Guardian enabled, other PCs connected on the network can easily backup to the shared repository, and receive the additional protection from Macrium Image Guardian.

How do I enable it to ensure my Macrium backups are safe from ransomware?

Enabling Macrium Image Guardian is simple. You can manage it from inside the Macrium Reflect UI.

To learn more about Macrium Image Guardian, visit the Macrium Knowledge Base.

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