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6 Feb 2015

The recent announcement of the partnership between Macrium Software and SK hynix is an interesting case study in how partnerships can make the difference in fiercely competitive markets. The SSD retail market is very competitive with very large global vendors striving for product differentiation and margin retention. As a relatively recent entrant into this market, SK hynix recognised that they needed to partner with a trusted provider of disk cloning technology to ensure immediate market credibility.

The way that the solution came together for SK hynix is also a model of how the partner, sales, product management, and development all work together seamlessly to very rapidly synthesis requirements and turn out a working solution. The teams at Macrium and SK hynix deserve praise for working as a unit so that in a very short time the solution was in final testing.

With the public availability of the migration utility (see link below), SK hynix now have a simple and powerful tool for their customers that is far superior to their competitor’s offerings. For Macrium Software it exposes our market leading technology at the same time to a new group of global customers. We are very confident that this will be a very successful partnership going forward.

At Macrium we regard a partnership with such a successful international SSD OEM as an encouraging endorsement of our core technology and trustworthiness as a designer and builder of great software.

Note: Migration utility only works with SK hynix SSDs.