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12 Jan 2015

Searching for a backup solution that suits your business or personal needs can be a real headache. Yes there are cheap versions out there but do they have the reliability and feature set you require? Or do you choose the most expensive but then find that the costs don’t match the offering?

Factory Direct Craft (FDC) based in Ohio, took a slightly different approach. After using a competitor for some time and finding that the costs were becoming prohibitive, they started evaluating the market to look for an effective replacement. For FDC, the price was secondary. The software needed to work efficiently and reliably and for them the cheapness of the software is irrelevant if it didn’t do the job right.

They found that Macrium Reflect had the edge over simple backup options and helped them minimize downtime should failure occur. FDC had found a proactive tool that could spot a failure in the future, allowing FDC to simply image the drives and restore to new hardware if required.

Macrium’s pricing was highly competitive but also matched all the features they needed from a backup solution.