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3 Mar 2015

As of the 1st of February we launched our new Macrium Valued Partner (MVP) Programme for distribution and reseller partners. In the past 3 months or so, as we have been designing the new programme and previewing it with selected partners, we have been getting a number of questions that we want to answer in this blog.

Why such a flat structure?

Surely the more active resellers deserve a premium label, with extra discount and marketing clout? We understand that many vendors have multi-layered programmes that have rules or thresholds for getting better discount, deal registration, marketing funds etc. Simply we want to focus for the first 12 months on transitioning existing resellers from online distribution to a full two tiered model. We want our resellers to focus on transacting and not be distracted by compliance or certification needs.

Why no deal registration?

We have decided to not implement a deal registration process for two reasons. Firstly, we are in transition and a deal registration process is not going to make transacting easier or drive growth; secondly, we do not expect any significant conflict between resellers in 2015 due to the relatively small number of resellers in each country. Of course we will monitor activity and review the situation at the end of 2015.

What is the rollout plan?

We have already signed a distributor in the UK, and we expect to be able to announce a signing for Germany, Benelux, The Nordics and Central Europe by the end of March 2015. Additionally, we expect a fulfilment distributor will be on-board in the US and Canada around the same time. The focus then will be on Asia, including Australia and New Zealand, followed by Japan and Africa.

That’s a lot of growth!

Yes, it is! We are very confident that our existing resellers will transition to the new model very easily and smoothly, followed by very rapid sales growth and market awareness. All of this change will be backed by regional marketing and awareness campaigns designed to help the sales grow and build momentum for our MVP distributors and resellers.

Stephen Macpherson, Sales Director, Macrium Software

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