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16 Oct 2018

Ransomware is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats today. The number of cases and types of different ransomware is still increasing. The money spent on data recovery by companies and public organisations around the world is spiralling.

Ransomware will continue to be a threat to cybersecurity as long as people store sensitive data on their computers. That confidential or essential data is the primary target for hackers, especially if they recognise the dependency of that info that you can have and if it’s not protected or backed up.

As usual, the best protection prevents the attack. If you choose an Antivirus, you will need to make sure you update it continuously as there are always new kinds of malware appearing. But Macrium Reflect 7 comes with ransomware protection for your backups.

Macrium Image Guardian is a feature that you can find in all the paid versions of Reflect. MIG will prevent unauthorised modifying of Macrium backup files on local and USB volumes so they cannot be encrypted by ransomware.

More info: MIG

If the worst happens, you can be assured that your backups are entirely recoverable. Unlike antivirus software products, MIG is focussed on the single task of protecting Macrium files. It has a small footprint and will not impact the performance of your PC and protects your backup data from unauthorised modification.

MIG only grants write access to Macrium Reflect version 7.1 or later, and any image tools created by us. All other processes will be denied write access.

MIG protects local NTFS volumes and allows Macrium Reflect version 7.1 and later to use the protected volume as a shared network resource.

Macrium Image Guardian protection architecture

You can download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect, which includes Macrium Image Guardian, for personal or commercial use.

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