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16 Nov 2017

Renaissance and Macrium Software together at Cyber Expo Ireland

Everyday we receive news of ransomware attacks, hackers, data loss and cybersecurity issues. The sophisticated digital landscape in which businesses live brings new risks and exposures to companies that are threatened mainly not just because of cyber criminals but for not being prepared for such attacks.

Renaissance, Ireland’s leading Data Security Distributor, will host Ireland’s 1st Cyber Security & Data Compliance Expo on the 29th November, where key global leaders in the cyber solutions space will discuss practical solutions for protection against, and recovery from, cyber-attacks.

What are the topics we will discuss?


Ransomware is here to stay, and it seems like no one can completely avoid these attacks. With health institutions, such as NHS UK or Universities like UCL, being targeted, it is key to understand how malware works and how to be protected against it. At Macrium we know that protection is the best defense. Our new release of Macrium Reflect 7.1 brings a dual solution with data backup and protection of backups from ransomware with the all new Macrium Image Guardian. Read more here.

Understand and simplify GDPR

It has been some time now since the new GDPR framework was approved and probably these new rules have already affected the way your business handles information and backup, especially knowing that when GDPR goes into effect, the cost for losing your customers’ data may be even higher than the costs you pay to get it back. At the Expo we will discuss how to handle these changes by going through what GDPR might mean for your business.

Protect against Cyber Crime

At the Expo experts will go through what should be done before you are impacted by a cyber attack: keep unique passwords, use secure websites, backup your files or upgrading your PC are some of the activities that we propose. As we said on a recent blog post: “Better to be safe than sorry”. Read more about our data disaster prevention advice here.

Understand which one is the best solution for your business need

Discussions, demonstrations and expert advice will allow you for a much more interactive approach. You will be able to expose your requirements and find the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

We are very excited about attending this remarkable expo and we hope you can join us there. Register today here and do not hesitate to stop by our exhibitor. We will be glad to speak to you and help you solve your backup and DR needs.

You can download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect for Home or Business use. Technical support for Trial users evaluating our software is available via email.