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14 Aug 2018

Creating a Technician’s USB Stick with Portable Application Support

The Macrium Technicians License is designed for IT technicians or service companies who might maintain a large number of PCs and may want to back them up prior to carrying out maintenance or repair work. If they did not have the Technician’s License, then each time they backed up a different PC a new copy of Macrium Reflect would need to be purchased, because the usual licensing arrangement is machine specific. Using a Technicians license allows the technician to backup or image each PC using a single Macrium Reflect license.

Portable Application Support ships exclusively with the Macrium Reflect Technician’s Licenses. It enables technicians to use a portable application running on a bootable USB stick to create an image of any workstation or server they need to work on, and restore it quickly whenever necessary.

Allows to a single user to image multiple PCs. You can make Macrium Reflect runs as a portable application from USB Rescue Media. Portable Mode Reflect is very similar to the Macrium Reflect environment you are familiar with.

The USB stick also acts like a bootable rescue environment, which you can use to backup and restore licensed PCs. Enables imaging and recovery of unlimited Servers and Workstations providing the software it’s not installed on more than one computer at a time.

Typically, a technician would use the Portable Application or its accompanying PE environment to image their target workstations. This means Reflect needs only to be installed on a single PC, and the Portable Application Media created.

Creating a technician’s USB stick:

  1. Create a rescue PE environment as explained in Creating rescue media.

  2. Select USB Device as your target media and select a USB destination.

  3. Check to Create a Technician’s USB Drive with portable application support.

  1. Click Finish

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