An award winning disk cloning and imaging solution for free.

Protect your personal documents, photos, music and e-mails. Upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems in the safe knowledge that everything is securely saved in an easily recovered backup file. Macrium Reflect supports backup to local, network and USB drives as well as burning to all DVD formats. This version is for non-commercial home use.

Coming soon: Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition!

New Features in v6 Free

  • Differential Images
    Differential Images for faster backups and reduced storage space.
  • Auto verification
    Automatically verify images after creation to ensure integrity.
  • Pre-defined backup plan templates
    Macrium Reflect backup templates allow for quick creation of scheduled backups.
  • Windows PE rescue environment improvements
    If additional drivers are required for disk or network access, they are now automatically identified and if possible copied from the host operating system. You can now add a boot menu so you can easily restore a system image without inserting rescue media.
Feature/Functionality v6 Free Home Edition Workstation Server Server Plus
Macrium Fast Imaging               
VSS Support for Data integrity               
Drag and drop user interface               
Reorder & resize partitions               
GPT support               
UEFI Support               
Comment backups               
Differential Images               
Incremental Images              
Delta Incremental Indexing              
File & folder backup              
File & folder masks              
Dynamic disk support              
AES Encryption              
Password protection              
MS Exchange granular backup           
MS SQL granular backup           
Direct disk cloning               
Rapid Delta Cloning              
Backup Management
Auto verification               
Compress backups               
Browse backups               
Backup plan templates               
Full and Differential retention               
Scheduled backups               
Backup definitions               
Backup file management               
Incremental Consolidation / Incrementals forever              
Integrated email component              
Macrium Image Restore               
WinPE rescue environment (CD, DVD, USB or Boot Menu)               
PE boot menu               
Adding drivers to PE               
SSD Trim support               
Macrium Redeploy              
Item level Recovery              
Rapid Delta Restore              
Windows Server Supported            
MS Exchange granular restore           
MS SQL granular restore           
Support period Not Supported 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Support Essentials           
Standard Support (Premium Support Available)             

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