Standalone Standalone
Macrium Reflect – accurate, reliable Windows system and data backup for individual PCs and Servers. Also available is Macrium Reflect Server Plus for SQL and Exchange backup and recovery. All products include Macrium Image Guardian, viBoot for instant DR, and technical support for the first 12 months.
Site Backup Site Backup
Macrium Site Manager is our comprehensive management tool for configuring and monitoring endpoint backup of your PCs and servers. The Site Manager tool is free to download and use, and can be used to manage both Macrium Agent Licenses or existing Standalone installations of Macrium Reflect. The first step to site backup is the Starter Pack; download and try it now.
Technicians Technicians
Based on the accurate and reliable imaging engine in Macrium Reflect, we have created several tools designed specifically for the busy IT Professional. We have the Technicians License for emergency imaging and recovery, and the Deployment Kit for creating and deploying master images to new machines. Great tools designed for the busy IT pro.