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7 Apr 2016


Recently we decided to ask our Macrium Valued Reseller partners for their views on the backup industry, along with the challenges and changes they face. We were overwhelmed with responses from over 20 different countries!

There were some really interesting results that popped out, some expected, some not and some very ugly data disasters! Not surprisingly over 70% stated that they offer Backup as a Service and a large number mentioned hardware and hard drive fails as the reason behind data loss. It was scary however just how many questioned stated that backups had failed or in a fair number of cases, their clients had no backup in the first place!

Whether or not cloud is the ‘holy grail’ generated some differing opinions when asked about current and future trends. Many expressed concern with the limitations and time taken to download backups. The trend seems to be a hybrid of both cloud and on-premise backups for full protection.

Then we get to some of the worse data disasters that resellers have seen. Everything from expensive databases lost to malware and lightning strikes, our resellers have seen it all!

“The client’s building burnt down. He did not have off site backup, instead he relied on a local backup to an external HDD which was kept in a fireproof safe on premise every night. The safe unfortunately was not waterproof. In putting out the fire, the fire department flooded the safe, damaging the external HDD. We had to send the drive out for professional data recovery, costing the client thousands of dollars in expenses, on top of lost productivity for the two weeks it took to recover the data.”

Read the full report and why not let us know about your data disasters?! You can find us on Twitter @macriumreflect or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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