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15 Mar 2016

At Macrium we love to hear feedback from our customers; good or bad. When Ken contacted us to tell us how much he was enjoying Macrium Reflect we gave him a shout to find out more!

How did you first hear about Macrium Reflect?

There was a very useful review on which described the best free drive cloning software, so Ken thought he would give it a go!

What had you been using for backups before?

Ken had been using another market leading product for some time but he was blown away by Macrium Reflect.

It ticks all my buttons, like modern interface, flexibility and sophistication. It makes the other products in the marketplace look primitive in comparison!”

Ken found that other providers were trying to simplify their interfaces but at the expense of usability.

What makes Macrium so great?

Macrium’s simple, yet modern, user interface is certainly the best feature as it makes it easy to find whatever functions you need. Macrium even pays attention to features that don’t even occur to other imaging software developers, like trimming SSDs before restoring…nice!”
“Macrium has made my life easier because of its trustworthiness. It does exactly what I want it to do, without confusing me with too many options”.

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