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15 Jun 2018

Macrium Site Manager 7 is a great new addition to the Reflect family of image-based backup solutions. Now it is much easier to deploy large numbers of Macrium Reflect endpoint backup agents and manage them from a central location.

Features of Macrium Site Manager 7:

Comprehensive Dashboard

Includes a comprehensive and customizable dashboard
with a library of widgets depending on the needs of the

0 to Backup in Four Easy Steps

A clear wizard-based approach to defining repositories,
who and what to backup, scheduling and retention for
rapid backups.

Simple Remote Restore

In addition to the full suite of Macrium Reflect restore
tools, Site Manager includes simple remote restoration
directly from the Site Manager user interface.

Backup to the Cloud

Site Manager 7 now includes the interface to include
backing up to the Amazon Cloud via AWS Storage.

Alerting and Reporting

Included is a full suite of event logs, security events and
the ability to forecast storage load and performance.

You can read more about Site Manager and download a 30-Day Trial here.

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