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15 Dec 2021

Macrium security notice, 15 Dec 2021:

Log4j vulnerabilities update

A number of vulnerabilities have been recently identified, known collectively as Log4shell. 

Macrium software and services are not impacted.

Log4j, the component impacted, forms part of Apache's Java platform.

The list below are the ones currently reported, but this is a rapidly evolving situation so more may be reported in time.

A summary is posted here.

Note our vendor page is slightly out of date ... the CERT/CC team is rather busy at this time.

Which Macrium software and services are impacted?


Neither Log4j, or any part of Apache's java platform, form part of the Macrium stack, this class of vulnerability poses no risk for anyone using our software and services.

Last updated: 2021-12-15 16:00 UTC