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20 Dec 2021

This past year has been one of fantastic growth, opportunity, and optimism for our team at Macrium Software. Let's review our year in numbers.


2021 saw the release of Reflect 8 and Site Manager 8! These releases were not only fantastic technical steps forward for us, they also represent the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, much of which was done working fully remote during the pandemic.


Team Macrium has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, 22% to be exact. We’ve been recruiting the best and brightest all year and in fact, our Denver, Colorado office has grown over 200%! With offices in Manchester, London, and across the Atlantic, we’ve been recruiting the best and brightest all year.


We have sold licenses to customers in over half the worlds’ countries and independent territories. You can find Macrium Reflect from Albania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Jordan, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Suriname, and Papua New Guinea.


In comparison, Reflect Free has been downloaded, installed, and run in nearly every country across the globe!

Speaking of global reach, 2021 saw the start of Macrium’s concerted efforts to translate our software into even more languages. Currently, we’ve released German, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, and French with Korean up next for 2022.


And if you’re curious, that’s the approximate number of terms it takes to “fully” translate Reflect! I say “fully” because really, it’s a never-ending job.


The amount of installer and patch data downloaded from Macrium per month.


At the time of writing, the number of reviews from genuine, verified customers on Trustpilot, with a 4.7/5 rating!


Macrium is proud to have over 3,000 active partners promoting, selling, and using our fantastic products.

And a little surprise cherry on top, Macrium also needed to make sure everything was copasetic with a brand new Windows OS. Because of the way our software works within Windows, we took a significant amount of time to ensure a seamless transition - at least as far as Reflect is concerned. It seems the grand majority of you haven’t said hello to Windows 11 quite yet.


Seems Macrium users aren’t in love with Windows 11. Only 11% of recent installs are on the new OS. We have found the transition to Win11 to be much smoother than that to Win10 with very few breaking changes. Rest assured that Macrium will continue to have your back if/when you make the transition.


Useful features, new products, localizations galore… as we look over the past year and ahead to the next, it’s difficult to not feel excited. At the heart of it all is knowing we have a fantastic family of users who will be right there with us every step of the way.

From all of us here at Macrium, may the new year find you healthy, happy, and prosperous. Here’s to 2022 and beyond!