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29 Dec 2023

2023 - Our Year in Numbers

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the events and achievements of the last 12 months. None of which would have been possible without our customers, our channel partners and of course, our people.

Before we move into 2024 and build on the successes of 2023, we’d love to share our year in numbers with you.

Macrium Software - 2023 in Numbers


2023 was a big year for people at Macrium. No business can grow and achieve its ambitions without the best talent behind it. And we’re lucky enough to have an exceptionally dedicated, hardworking team driving all we do.

Some are located in our headquarters in Manchester, UK. Some are in North America in Denver, Colorado. And others work remotely from locations such as Canada, Spain and Portugal.

Regardless of where they call home, our people make the most of technology to collaborate across the miles and do their best work. And we couldn’t be prouder of all they’ve achieved this year.

In 2023, we….

  • Grew our team to 54 people
  • Welcomed 13 new colleagues
  • Celebrated 5 promotions


We were delighted to continue gaining recognition this year in the industry and regions we operate in. This included….


In 2023, we tried to give something back through events and initiatives. We took part in various activities to support good causes, including…


Data, which our products are designed to protect, is one of the most important assets in a digitally transforming world. As a result, it’s also one of the most vulnerable.

The risks posed by hardware and software failures, natural disasters and human error are present 24/7. But in 2023, one of the biggest threats to data was ransomware attacks, which hit an all-time high this year. Twinned with the ever-evolving tactics of cyber criminals, it’s clear that home users, businesses and partners need our solutions more than ever before.

We’ve continued our attempts to bring our products and our brand to a wider audience than ever this year, which included…

  • Attending 10 trade shows
  • Appearing at 13 partner events
  • Partnering with 3 new distributors on 2 new continents
  • Broadcasting 2 videos in Times Square, New York City

Product Development

As we approach 20 years of being in business, the market is as healthy as ever, presenting our customers with a wide range of options.

However, we remain at the forefront of all we do because of several things. One of which is that we continue our unwavering dedication to developing the best quality products we possibly can.

New Product Launches

In 2023, we evolved our software solutions and expanded our product portfolio. Enhancing our offering to cover the entire backup and recovery cycle, we launched SiteDeploy®, our first new product since 2017.

Offering businesses and organisations the opportunity to partner with us end-to-end for backup and recovery, SiteDeploy® answers a need for fast and reliable Windows OS deployment across all industries.

Since its launch, we’ve received incredibly positive feedback and increasing uptake. To demonstrate its capabilities to IT professionals across all industries, we will continue to run regular webinars into spring 2024 to highlight its capabilities in specific sectors such as education, finance and manufacturing.

Upgrades and Improvements

In May 2023, we unveiled improvements to Site Manager, as we launched version 8.1. The latest version included updates such as….

  • Significant speed improvements
  • Macrium boot media agent
  • Integration with Macrium SiteDeploy
  • Post-backup power-saving options

These changes have been well-received by users and we continue to upgrade our products in order to innovate and according to the valuable feedback we receive.

Expanding Choice with Subscription Options

This year, we aimed to offer our customers a wider range of pricing options. Alongside perpetual licences, we’ve brought the choice of subscriptions to our users for the first time. As of next month, all Macrium products will be available to buy on a subscription basis.

To summarise our product enhancements in 2023, we launched …

  • 8 new subscription services
  • Our 1st new product in 6 years
  • Version 8.1 of Macrium Site Manager

Support Excellence

Another reason why we remain at the forefront of backup and recovery software is our unwavering emphasis on providing the best customer support we possibly can.

In 2023, we continued to prioritise support, invested in building our team and…

  • Closed 13,600+ tickets
  • Offered a 24-hour response time for home customers
  • Introduced a 12-hour response time for business customers with a 100% success rate


Receiving feedback from our users continued to drive the improvements we made to our products in 2023. Our main feedback channel, Trustpilot, enabled us to….

  • Receive 900+ reviews in one year
  • Hit the milestone of 3,000 reviews
  • Launch Trustpilot Tuesday, so far publishing 12 comments from users and bringing feedback into the spotlight

I hope you’ve enjoyed reflecting on our year in numbers as much as we have and that you share our excitement and optimism for the year ahead.

Myself and all at Macrium Software wish you a happy and successful New Year - here’s to 2024.

Nick Sills

CEO - Macrium Software

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