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Are you looking for an alternative to Norton Ghost?

Ghost was developed by Binary Research, introduced in 1995 and was subsequently acquired by Symantec in 2000. It was also sold under the name Norton Ghost and it quickly became the go-to tool, to clone a system disk to a new device.

Despite being a very successful product, it failed to keep up with modern hardware features notably omitting support for EFI/GPT systems and it was ultimately discontinued in 2013.

Macrium SiteDeploy

Macrium SiteDeploy allows computers to be setup with a clean golden image from a bare metal state, this allows scenarios such as:

  • Returning a computer or server to a known state to recover from software problems (servers, other)
  • Roll out updated software or OS to a group of computers (POS terminals, workstations)
  • Reset multiple computers to a known state (classroom, office)
  • Get a computer up and working after a hardware failure (failed HD)
  • Install a custom system image on a computer or server before shipping (system builder)
  • Deploy new images or reset to a known image for remote sites or for remote users
  • Monitor and control deployments from a central location

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