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6 best ways to love your data

It’s been said and repeated countless times, but data is the most valuable resource in the world. Your data. Everyone’s data. Companies are still clamoring to learn everything and anything about you to sell on to the highest bidder, hackers are hoping to get a valuable nugget for ransom leverage, and others are just collecting… collecting and waiting for a time when it can be best used. Sounds more like a horror story than a romance, but you aren’t powerless!...

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State and Local Government Cybersecurity Risks

State and local governments are vulnerable to cybercriminal activity as “they collect, process, store, and transmit vast amounts of sensitive data.” The wrong hands can weaponize and misuse data. In 2020, hackers carried out 79 individual ransomware attacks against U.S. government organizations. It cost downtime and recovery of nearly $18.88 billion. Clearly, ransomware is pervasive. The attack suspended “municipal operations, ultimately disrupting infrastructure services for 911 systems, utilities, and payment platforms with state and local governments.” ...

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Why you should keep your data cool this summer

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer has rolled round again, bringing record temperatures across Europe and North America with it. While a cold shower or an icecream might be enough to cool us down, things aren’t so simple for the devices that we trust to store our data. Have you ever wondered why data centres are so cold? The answer is slightly more complex than “to keep the IT people cool”....

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