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8 Nov 2021

Trustpilot and Macrium

Macrium has always taken pride in our reputation for not only a technically superior product, but our customer service. No matter what product we’re working on, we try to remember there’s a person on the other side of the screen, not an anonymous user. After crossing the completely arbitrary threshold of 1,000 reviews, we thought it’d be a good time to talk about why we chose to partner with Trustpilot. 

Throughout the years, our users have been kind enough to take the time to send feedback, good and bad. It helps us to know what’s going right and what needs to be improved, so it’s always welcome! Comments like these would be shared within the team and sometimes externally, but never in a formal way. There are inherent issues with sharing reviews like that, not least of which are organization and monitoring. As a developer-led company, we immediately thought of creating our own review portal, but it quickly became apparent that it wouldn't work for our needs. 

A third-party review company seemed like the best solution, but we had high requirements and expectations. Here is why we chose to partner with Trustpilot.** 


One of the main reasons we never shared reviews our customers sent in was the inherent bias involved. Even if internally we knew we were being 100% honest and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, because it was coming from us, how could a user truly trust it? After all, we’re people and consumers just like you - we get it. The same thought would cross our minds, too. 

Reviews written on Trustpilot are published instantly, with no moderation or review process. It’s unfiltered and open to everyone. Some review sites allow businesses to remove negative reviews, which is completely counter to what we wanted to achieve. We can’t just delete a comment because we don’t like it. There are very strict guidelines for flagging reviews, take this recent case for example.

A user accidentally left a review for their new, and apparently underwhelming, laptop on our page by mistake. Even though we knew it wasn’t meant for us, we couldn’t just delete the comment. Instead we replied publicly, and the user updated their review.

More proof of their integrity is the fact businesses can receive reviews, reply, and engage via Trustpilot completely free. One of Macirum’s most popular products is Reflect Free, so to work with a company offering a truly complete, basic service resonates with our core ethos. After exploring the service further, we chose to subscribe to one of the paid plans. 


Subscribing to Trustpilot allows us to automatically send review requests to everyone who purchases Reflect Home. There is no way we can tamper with this process, or cherry pick the users who are asked. We also now have the ability to display all these amazing reviews directly on, as they come in! 

You’ll find this section on every company homepage. It gives you a brief overview of how the company has been using (and hopefully not abusing) Trustpilot. Here’s a section you might not be familiar with, which exists for any company you might check out on there. 

If you navigate to the “See a detailed overview” section, you’ll be able to take a deeper dive into where reviews are coming from, how often the company flags reviews, and any other trends. For instance, a company may have a substantial number of negative reviews about long shipping times, but if they’re from the beginning of the year and have dwindled away, you could assume they’ve resolved their logistics issues. 

Click here if you’d like to explore ours!


Trustpilot is an established company with a good reputation, and continues to grow. We wanted to go where our users already were, and with over 1 million new reviews posted every month, Trustpilot seemed to be the “it” place already. Users who already have a profile on there are familiar with the process, trust their reviews will be published, and know when exploring the reviews of others, they’ll be fair representations.

Of course trust is earned and can be broken. We will always monitor our relationship with any company to ensure we’re still on the same page.

The bottom line

Reaching the 1,000 review mark feels significant. Working with Trustpilot has been such a positive experience, not only because of the added interaction we have with our customers, but because we’re partnered with a company who shares many of our values. If you’d like to learn more about Trustpilot’s commitment to transparency, check out their latest comprehensive report.

** Please note, there are dozens upon dozens of other companies who provide the same type of service. We’re not saying they are less impartial, transparent, or trustworthy than any other. We simply connected with the way Trustpilot operates!

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