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14 Jun 2016

Techie Tuesday: Restoring emails with Mailbox Restore

In Macrium Reflect Server Plus you can use Mailbox Restore to restore individual emails from a backup of Microsoft Exchange. This is useful if your backup contains some vital emails or attachments, but you don’t want to have to restore the whole MS Exchange server in order to access them .

Mailbox Restore can restore emails, appointments, contacts, journal entries, notes and tasks in the same way.

Before you begin:

For Mailbox Restore to function, Microsoft Exchange MAPI and CDO must be installed on the server. These are present by default on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. For Exchange 2007 or later, they can be downloaded from the following link:

To restore an email using Mailbox Restore, the edition of Microsoft Exchange running on the target server must be the same as the original server. An email backed up on a server running Exchange Server 2007, for example, can be restored onto other servers running Exchange 2007, but not to a server running Exchange 2010.

Note: A mailbox needs to exist on the target server, with the same name as the original mailbox.

The user running Macrium Reflect must have full access permissions for the mailbox being restored to.

  1. In Restore, select Microsoft Exchange Restore.
  2. Select Restore Exchange Mailboxes.
  1. The Exchange Mailbox Restore Wizard appears.
  2. Select the required message store / database to restore from and click Next.
  1. Select required folder, or click appropriate folder to select required individual email to restore.
  1. Click the filter button to filer the email list by Sender, Recipient, Subject, Between dates, or whether there are attachments.
  1. When you have made all the required selections / deselections, click OK.
  2. Click Restore.

Macrium Reflect Server Plus is available here.

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