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6 Sep 2016

Creating Desktop Shortcuts for your backups enables quick and easy execution without the need to start Macrium Reflect or choose the backup type (Full, Diff or Inc).

Pre-requisite: To create a desktop shortcut for your definitions files you must already have a backup definitions file. If required, follow the instructions in Creating a backup image of your computer, drive or partitions.

  1. Select Backup Definitions Files tab.
  1. Select the backup definition file and Click the Create Desktop Shortcut button on the Backup Definition File View toolbar.
  1. Select the Backup Type and enter the shortcut name that appears on the Desktop.
    For easy reference to the backup type you could add a Full, Diff or Inc suffix to the shortcut name.
  2. Click OK.

Download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect for Home or Business use.

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