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4 Mar 2024

Product Upgrade Announcement: Macrium Site Manager 8.1.7888

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we’re pleased to announce a series of improvements to Macrium Site Manager 8.1.

Responding to feedback and suggestions from our users, the latest version, 8.1.7888, includes fixes and new features to improve user experience.

Greater Control Over Users and Permissions

Site Manager now offers administrators more control over assigning user permissions. They can now create custom roles from scratch or copy the permissions of an existing role. In the latest version, there are over 40 permissions to choose from.

Once an administrator has created a custom role, they can assign it to new or existing users and groups. The roles also carry over into Macrium Site Manager’s rescue media.

Combined with Site Manager 8.1’s centrally initiated restores and deployments for computers booted with the rescue media, the overhauled roles provide more flexibility and control over restores and deployments than ever before.

Increased Visibility and Improved Management of Drivers

1. View All Drivers from One Location

In preparation for data disasters, Site Manager automatically harvests the necessary drivers from connected agents.

Previous versions of Site Manager did not offer users visibility of these drivers. This presented challenges, as they can be difficult to keep track of and manage.

The latest version of Site Manager features a dedicated drivers page, located under both the restore and deployment menus. This shows users a list of the drivers that have been harvested by, or added to, Site Manager. It also includes information about each driver.

2. Export Drivers Quickly

Users can now also rapidly export all drivers from Site Manager’s database. This allows them to use them when they create custom rescue media or copy the drivers to another Site Manager server.

3. Add New Drivers Easily

We’ve also simplified the process of adding new drivers to Site Manager, with the aim of making bare metal restores easier than ever. Previously, users had to manually add drivers to a named folder. The latest version of Site Manager now automatically analyses and adds them to the relevant PE version of the chosen rescue media.

Avoid Backups During Your Busiest Times

The latest version of Site Manager brings users the option of avoiding backing up during their business’ busiest and most critical times.

By specifying active hours, users can be sure that in the event of queuing or misconfigured schedules, backups will be deferred to the next most convenient window. This also ensures that their system resources are reserved for critical processes and are not being used by the Site Manager agent.

Other Site Manager Upgrades and Fixes

This post covers only the headline improvements to Site Manager. For a detailed view of the most recent changes to the software, visit our knowledge base for the full release notes.

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