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9 Jun 2015

It was great to have a chat to Rick Smith from the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University last week. He has been using Macrium Reflect for some time now, after one of our (larger) competitors went a bit sideways with their solution. Rick found that the competitor solution was just needing too much support to make it viable. In flies Macrium!

It’s always nice to hear positive feedback and Rick was glowing about the excellent customer service he has received from Macrium support.

“I would give the customer support an A*. They have been fantastic. Very attentive and willing to answer any question sent to them. When other suppliers haven’t responded fast enough, I’m happy to say “You’re Fired!” They should be great or be gone. I’ve found Macrium easy to get hold of and they respond very quickly”.

I also wanted to find out Rick’s experience with our new version 6 which came out earlier this year. As Rick states, he needs something that takes him quickly from ‘Zero to Hero’! Rick praised the speed of the new version and the cleaner menus that allow him to ‘set it and forget it’ with ease.

As with any customer they should expect greatness from their backup product!

“I’m used to great, I expect great, and Macrium delivers great support”.