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11 Jul 2016

Best boot forward in Estonia

We talk to Rando Sui from Skywish OÜ in Estonia about how he recently discovered our backup and recovery solution, Macrium Reflect.

Best boot forward

Rando had been looking for a new backup and recovery solution to sell onto his clients. Something that was fast, reliable and worked effectively. After some research Rando discovered Macrium Reflect.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover Macrium Reflect and the great features it bought to the table. By far the best feature offered was not needing to prepare a boot menu in advance and being able to get the image straight from the network, it certainly did the trick!”.

Sawing off time

Rando’s client is Cambimill Sakala who operate in timber sawing in Estonia. They needed a full backup and recovery solution that could easily restore images.

“Our client needed to backup their production and desktop computers and wanted to feel confident that the backup was working at all times.”

Before using Macrium, the client had been using tape based backup and sadly this had led to data disaster. A secretary had been using this tape based solution for a couple of years and had been diligently changing the tape each morning. Sadly it wasn’t until something went wrong and they needed to restore that they realised the backup hadn’t been working for all that time!

Rando is confident that Macrium is the right backup and recovery solution for all their reseller needs.

“We’ve been so impressed with the solution that we intend on selling into all our customers in Estonia!”.
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