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Sourcing and implementing reliable backup and recovery software is essential to any manufacturer’s operations and long-term success.

Working in an always-on operational environment in one of the world’s fastest-paced industries, operational technology (OT) teams in manufacturing face myriad considerations and uphill tasks. From maintaining robust cyber security practices to ensuring operational productivity and continuity, OT is at the heart of monitoring and control of manufacturing processes.

In short, when it comes to manufacturing, everything depends on processes and data being secure, accessible and operational.

The Challenges of Sourcing Backup and Recovery Software for Manufacturing

Finding the right backup and recovery software is no easy task for OT managers in manufacturing. The solution must provide answers to your everyday challenges. These include avoiding unplanned downtime, restoring systems quickly following disruptions, working with dissimilar hardware, using various operating systems, and demonstrating compliance.

  • Avoiding Expensive Downtime

    We know manufacturing production lines can operate 24/7 across multiple sites. Therefore, every minute of downtime equals money - one of our customer’s estimates this production line cost as $35,000 per minute! So we understand the importance of being able to restore productivity quickly. For our manufacturers, unplanned disruption, whether from equipment failure, power outages, cyber security threats or technology issues, can lead to significant revenue loss.

  • Managing Multi-Generational OT Infrastructure

    Managing the diverse OT infrastructure found in manufacturing facilities is no easy feat. Your facing immense challenges due to disparate systems, legacy equipment and decentralized operations. Manufacturers must navigate complex networks, integrate dissimilar technologies and ensure compatibility across platforms to streamline operations and minimize the risk of outages.

  • Ease of Use for OT Teams

    OT teams often have limited resources and face challenges in recruiting experienced operators. When it comes to sourcing effective OT software for backup and recovery, simplicity and user friendliness are key to ensuring dispersed teams can manage backups and restores without deep technical expertise.

  • Mitigating Cyber Security Threats

    Manufacturing environments are among the most-targeted by cyber criminals. You need robust backup and recovery solutions to protect against constantly evolving threats to safeguard their backups, vital data and production systems whilst keeping mean time to recovery as low as possible. OT managers need robust backup and recovery solutions against constantly evolving threats to safeguard their backups, vital data and production systems and to keep mean time to recovery as low as possible.

  • Remaining Compliant with Regulations

    Manufacturers operate within an increasingly complex regulatory environment. They must navigate stringent requirements for data handling, protection, privacy and product safety. Compliance with regulations and industry-specific standards is non-negotiable. Failure to comply can result in significant fines, legal liabilities and reputational damage.

  • Controlling Access to Sensitive Data

    Threats aren’t restricted to outside actors - they can also come from the inside. Internal data security is vital in an industry where IP and R&D are crucial to delivering innovative products in a competitive marketplace. Therefore, IT/OT managers need the ability to restrict access to sensitive data, such as full backups.

Customer Testimonial

“In manufacturing, we always want to be up-and-running and ready and we always want to make sure that our backups are working and are being implemented. Prior to using Macrium, our restores were taking anywhere between four to eight hours. We've cut that down to 30 minutes to an hour for a restore. That’s huge when you think of cost savings.”

Reid Schneider, Hardware and Application Delivery Manager, Husco.

Backup and Recovery Software for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need a trusted backup and recovery software provider to maintain uninterrupted operations, meet production demands and mitigate the risk of costly disruptions.

At Macrium Software, we’re the ideal partner for manufacturers seeking a reliable, reputable long-term backup and recovery solution. Here are some of the benefits manufacturers can gain from working alongside us.

Rapid Production and Systems Recovery

With our backup and recovery software Macrium SiteBackup , twinned with our imaging and deployment solution, Macrium SiteDeploy®, manufacturing OT teams can gain visibility and control over their backup strategies via the Site Manager console, minimize the risk of downtime and swiftly restore critical systems and data in worst-case scenarios

Block Unauthorized Access

Macrium backup and recovery solutions include the option of using AES encryption. The most widely used encryption standard today and the choice of the US government and NIST, AES makes it virtually impossible for cyber criminals and other malicious actors to access the data within your backups.

Prevent Third-Party Modifications

Ensure third-parties can’t make modifications to your backups with Macrium Image Guardian. This feature works by granting write access to Macrium Reflect and related Macrium imaging tools only. This prevents any unauthorized modifications - such as encryption by ransomware software - from taking place.

Reputable, Quality Software Trusted by Leading Brands

With a continual improvement program guided by user feedback, our backup and deployment products have evolved into top-rated, industry-leading solutions. Our NPS score is consistently high and we regularly receive positive feedback and reviews from customers.

Regulatory Compliance

By choosing Macrium Software, manufacturing teams can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for data protection and retention, leveraging features and functionalities designed to meet industry standards and mandates.

Simplified Backup Processes and Operations

One of the most popular benefits of our software is its ability to simplify backup processes, reducing complexity and saving time. In turn, this can improve operational efficiency and empower OT staff, regardless of their technical expertise. OT teams can also choose to avoid backing up during times of peak activity, protecting critical equipment functions and reducing CPU load.

Your Ideal Manufacturing IT/OT Solutions Provider

With features designed to address the unique challenges faced in manufacturing environments, adopting Macrium Software’s backup and recovery for your OT solutions will bring peace of mind that uninterrupted operations and data integrity are top-priority for your business.

Make an inquiry about our backup and recovery software for manufacturing and one of our experts will be in touch.