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Macrium release 8 updates and renewals

1.0 For all our customers:

1.1 Q: What is new in Reflect 8?

1.1 A: See What's New in Reflect 8

1.2 Q: Is my old Macrium product version supported, if I keep my support up to date?

1.2 A: Reflect 7 product line itself will be fully supported until 17th May 2022. For more details, see our Product Support Policy

1.3 Q: Does Reflect 8 have the same Windows compatibility as Reflect 7?

1.3 A: In nearly all cases, yes. For reasons outside our control, Reflect 8 is incompatible with Windows Vista 64 bit and Windows 2008 Server 64 bit. Please read this article for more details.

2.0 For our home customers:

2.1 Q: Will I be eligible for a free upgrade?

2.1 A: If you purchased on or since the 15th November 2020, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to Reflect 8. Any older Reflect 7 keys, and Reflect 6 home keys will be upgradable with a 50% discount.

2.2 Q: What is the upgrade process?

2.2 A: First, visit the Macrium Upgrade and Renewal Wizard to establish the upgrade status of your licenses. Then when you are ready to upgrade your Reflect install, visit Installing a Reflect 7 to Reflect 8 Upgrade

2.3 If you have paid for an upgrade, your Reflect 8 key will be included in the license documentation, along with the existing key it replaces. Unlike previous upgrades, this new key is already activated. Note that the old and the new key cannot be used for two concurrent installs.

3.0 For our business customers:

3.1 Q: Will I be eligible for a free upgrade?

3.1 A: All license keys in support will be eligible for a free upgrade.

3.2 Q: Can I purchase an upgrade?

3.2 A: No. We have replaced upgrades with license support reactivation. If you are not already eligible for a free upgrade, re-active your license key first to receive your upgrade. All out of support keys (v6 or later) can be re-activated by purchasing additional support, in arrears, up to a maximum of 1.5 years (there is no additional charge for keys more than 1.5 yrs out of support) . There is no charge for re-activating technicians or deployment licenses.

3.3 Q: What about Reflect 5 keys?

3.3 A: Please contact [email protected] to discuss upgrade options.

3.4 Q: Can I co-term, consolidate or renew only a subset of my keys? Can I purchase more than one year of support?

3.4 A: Yes. Please visit the Macrium Upgrade and Renewal Wizard to select which keys you wish to renew, the new support type and expiry date.

3.5 Q: What is the renewal process?

3.5 A: For all keys in support, or you have re-activated, visit this page to configure your renewal.

3.6 Q: How do I purchase a renewal?

3.6 A: First configure your renewal by visiting the Macrium Upgrade and Renewal Wizard. You can then either purchase directly from us, or pass the renewal request ID to your preferred reseller.