Macrium is pleased to offer three stages of product support.

Stage 1: Current Support begins from the release date and lasts until the next full product version is released. For example, Reflect 8 to Reflect 9. The entirety of our customer support services are available during this stage.

Stage 2: Extended Support begins when the Current Support stage ends and lasts for a specific duration. Typically, this is one full year. During this stage, customer support services are limited.

Stage 3: Self-Service Support remains available indefinitely after the Extended Support stage ends. This includes the Knowledge Base, technical documentation, version-specific forum, and other resources to help customers resolve common issues for themselves.


Stages of the Support Lifecycle

Type of Support Current Extended Self-Service

Product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, and forum

Full service Macrium support, including product updates for critical security and functional bugs, and compatibility issues introduced by Windows updates.      
Releases to maintain platform compatibility      
Product updates, including new features, improved OS support, security, and other functionality improvements and/or fixes      
Complimentary access to the Macrium customer support team  (for first year)    


It’s recommended that customers update their version to the latest available build in order to enjoy the most stable and complete experience. Solutions, workarounds, and other fixes are offered at Macrium’s discretion. Sometimes an upgrade to the most current version is the only valid solution.

For trial users, support is only offered for the most current release.

For example, let’s say you’ve purchased Reflect 8. Over time, Macrium may release a series of features releases: 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc. You have access to Macrium customer support (for one full year), receive free bug fixes, as well as access to our Knowledge Base and forum.

When Reflect 9 is released, Reflect 8 will enter extended support for one year. Reflect 8 will continue to receive critical bug fix releases and you will continue to have access to Macrium customer support on Reflect 8 (if your support contract is still active).

We recommend you plan to upgrade before the end of the extended support period. At that point, there’ll be no additional product support and bug fixes for Reflect 8, even if your support contract extends beyond that time. Reflect 8 backup sets will remain compatible with Reflect 9 and the upgrade process will retain all your settings and schedules.

One year after Reflect 9 is released, Reflect 8 will enter self-service support. There will be no more bug fixes or Macrium support for Reflect 8 installs. Access to documentation and the forum will continue indefinitely.


Support Status of Macrium Reflect

Product Released Extended Support Start Date Extended Support End Date
Reflect 8 18 May 2021 Reflect 9 release Reflect 9 release + 1 year
Reflect 7 26 Feb 2017 18 May 2021 18 Jun 2022
Reflect 6 16 Feb 2015 26 Feb 2017 26 Feb 2018
Reflect 5 1 Jun 2011 16 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2016


Support Status of Macrium Site Manager

Product Released Extended Support Start Date Extended Support End Date
Site Manager 8 26 May 2021 Site Manager 9 release Site Manager 9 release + 1 year
Site Manager 7 03 Oct 2017 26 May 2021 26 Jun 2022
CMC 6 21 Oct 2016 03 Oct 2017 03 Oct 2018


Macrium reserves the right to make changes to this Support Policy. Customer support is only available to those who have active Macrium support as part of a purchased product. The support status of current and legacy versions will be updated to reflect any changes.


Macrium Reflect Free Product - End Of Life (EOL)

Macrium Reflect Free v8.0 is the last version to receive feature, compatibility or bug fix updates.

Will future security vulnerabilities be fixed?

Yes, security patches will still be provided until 1st January 2024. After that date we will no longer provide any changes to the v8 Free code base.

Can I continue to use Macrium Reflect Free?

Yes, you can continue to use the software in perpetuity, your license to use the software is unaffected.

Will Macrium Reflect Free have any new features or updates for future Windows versions?

Macrium Reflect Free v8.0 supports Windows XP SP 3.0 up to, and including, Windows 10 & 11 version 22H2. There will be no new features or support for later Windows operating system updates.


Note: This notice only applies to Macrium Reflect Free.