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Reflect 8

Macrium is known for creating reliable and scalable software that exceeds personal and business needs, but we don’t rest on reputation. Reflect 8 was created with you - and the future - in mind.

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What's New

  • Instant Virtualization for Everyone - Oracle VirtualBox provides an alternative to Microsoft Hyper-V for instant image virtualization.
  • Automatic partition resizing - Ideal for when target disks are a different size to the original source.
  • Removable flash media and exFAT support - Backup SD cards and flash memory sticks
  • Improved UI - High DPI and dark mode support, plus new restore and file-and-folder backup interface.
  • Windows ReFS support - Increase data availability, improve scalability, all while maintaining data integrity against corruption.
  • Intra daily backups - Schedule high frequency backups to protect rapidly changing data

Instant Virtualization for everyone

Oracle VirtualBox, as an alternative to Microsoft Hyper-V, for instant image virtualization includes a USB pass-through virtual device that enables USB drives, including flash, to be accessible from inside the Virtual Machine.

Automatic partition resizing

Restore and Clone Partition Layout boosts our already amazing Rapid Delta Clone and Rapid Delta Restore features by automatically resizing if the target disk is a different size.

Removable flash media and exFAT support

By utilizing intelligent sector copy, Macrium Image Guardian and Changed Block Tracker, these users will benefit from smaller file sizes, faster recovery, and removable flash media backup.

Improved UI and dark mode

Reduce eye strain with one of our most-requested features - Dark Mode. You’ll also notice an improved UI with high DPI, plus new restore and file-and-folder backup interface.

Windows ReFS support

ReFS stands to become a more dominant filesystem and is essential in future-proofing Macrium Reflect. Users can now enjoy the benefits of Windows ReFS supported backup.

Intra daily backups

Dynamic and fast-changing data needs regular and consistent backups at intervals of hours, not days. That's why we've been working hard to make intra daily backups part of Reflect 8.

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