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In both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE), data needs to be accessible, resilient, and ransomware-proof. Our software solutions offer backup and recovery with advanced features to prevent ransomware encrypting backups and promote effortless data protection. We also offer the ability to efficiently deploy computers to staff, students and computer labs.

How Macrium helps HE and FE

Backup and recover individual machines

Unsurprisingly, managing potentially hundreds or thousands of individual endpoints can represent huge headaches for your institution’s IT team. Macrium empowers your IT to schedule backups remotely, from a central management console, and even enable file or image restoration —all without leaving their desks!

Backup and recover server infrastructure

Like other businesses, HE and FE institutions store huge volumes of critical learning, research, and business data in centralized servers. Backups have become a lifeline to IT managers, providing resilience against cybersecurity threats and hardware failures.

Deploy standardized images to staff, students, and computer labs

Whether your institution provides computing resources directly to students, provides access to staff and researchers remotely, or manages computer labs to empower learning experiences, scaling IT can be a challenge. Our solution allows IT technicians to deploy (and redeploy) images quickly, even onto dissimilar hardware.

Data is Core to Education

Data is at the forefront of education, providing students and staff with opportunities for learning and connection. Learning and the accessibility of laptops, desktop PCs, and servers require dependability in and outside of the classroom, with a focus on research and computer labs. FE and HE institutions commonly rely on older computers and hardware, to extract maxium ROI on IT investment, which inevitably increases the risk of hardware failure. Downtime, whether due to hardware or infrastructure failure, affects students, teachers and staff productivity - Macrium provides resilience to recover quickly from IT failure, on dissimilar hardware, on a wide variety of operating systems from Windows XP to 11.

Protection from Ransomware

Almost 80% of all secondary and higher education institutions experienced a ransomware attack in 2022, making it one of the most targeted verticals across 14 countries in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Cyberattackers take advantage of the limited resources and technology vulnerabilities in the education sector.

Macrium software allows institutions to encrypt and also protect backup files as they're created, giving your institution peace of mind that your data is safe from cyber criminals.

Streamlining IT Management in Education

With the responsibility of backing up endpoints and servers and deploying or resetting computer labs, IT managers can rest assured that Macrium cuts down on the time it takes to reset education systems on a regular basis. This helps IT departments who are stretched thin with tight budgets and overworked personnel.

Streamline Computer Deployments Across Schools and Universities

With Macrium’s trusted deployment solutions, there can be consistency across classrooms. Your IT department can readily deploy across a network, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with deployment; whether in a small school, a college or a major university.

Deploy with confidence and efficiency with Macrium SiteDeploy.

“Seeing at a glance that our backups are scheduled and working, I know everything's running nicely. The ease at which I can quickly deploy and manage our repositories is an additional big plus.”

Mark Penny, System Specialist, University of Leicester University of Leicester

Macrium Backup, Recovery, and Deployment Solutions


Our products fit all educational settings; from classes with a handful of students, to multiple departments with hundreds of students and staff. In both HE and FE, schools require software that has the ability to manage the constant growth of incoming students and new workloads: Macrium’s solutions deliver this.


Invaluable in situations where hardware needs to be replaced or upgraded quickly; ensuring continuity of operations without compatibility issues or delays, with physical and virtual protection. In the event of a hardware failure, system replacement, ransomware attack, or accidental file deletion through user-error, trustworthy recovery is paramount.


Whether backing up a single machine or hundreds, scalable backups make for streamlined and efficient work. This ensures that you are backing-up critical infrastructure to protect the essential and valuable data of staff, researchers, and students. Site Manager allows you to manage backup strategy centrally from a single interface.


With Macrium solutions, you can remotely reset a few endpoints, or an entire computer lab, to a known state at the start of each term. Saving hours of work, even when deploying to dissimilar hardware. You can also deploy custom images to specific computers or servers.