Macrium Reflect Free

Current Version: 5.3.7299 (2 April 2015)

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Get it from CNET!

Feature Comparison

Please note: Version 6 of Macrium Reflect Free will be available soon.

Feature/Functionality Free Home Edition Workstation Server Server Plus
Macrium Fast Imaging          
File and folder backup          
VSS Support for Data integrity          
GPT support          
Dynamic disk support          
Incremental cloning          
Exchange and MSSQL granular backup          
Backup plan templates included          
Backup file management          
Backup rotation automation          
SSD Trim support          
Macrium Image Restore
Macrium Redeploy          
Item level Recovery          
Rapid Delta Restore          
Exchange and MSSQL granular restore          
Windows Server Supported          
Support period Not Supported 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Support Essentials          
Standard Support (Premium Support Available)          



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