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UViON Case Study

Uvion is a Belgium reseller who has been recommending and selling Macrium Reflect to their customers for over 4 years now. Macrium speak to Bert Coppens, General Manager at Uvion.

What made you choose to resell Macrium to your customers?

We really like the product. It is very stable to use. We feel confident that when we install and configure backups, that there won't be any issues, especially for our customers doing daily backups.

Before using Macrium, we were using one of their competitors. The early versions were good, but in later versions we found significant issues with their functionality. We’ve found that on the other hand, Macrium has gone from strength to strength. We know that when we take an image or set up incrementals that it will be stable and effective.

Also of importance was the price, which benefits both ourselves and our customers.

Tell us a bit more about the type of customers you serve?

Most of our customers are based in Belgium and are small businesses. Around 80% of our customers have 1-25 users with 20% having 30-200 users. We are an IT partner for our customers and have developed a relationship where they trust the software we recommend. For the majority of our customers, we install and manage their backups for them.

What do you find are Macrium's best features?

The most important feature is certainly the simplicity of the product. It ensures that we can backup multiple sites with no fuss and be confident that there are reliable backups in place. We also like the extra tools such as ViBoot which has been an excellent feature for our customers. As most of our customers are on Hyper-V for extra reliability, Macrium really helps.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller of Macrium's products, please visit our Partner Page for more information and to sign up.