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Upham Pub Company

Upham Pub Company

The Upham Pub Company has a growing family of pubs across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Wiltshire on 12 different sites.

Previous solutions not cutting the mustard

Upham were using a competitor for their backup needs and found their interface design and the reliability was not up to scratch.

Does what it says on the tin

Upham back up to all manner of servers, internal disks, external disks, RDX cartridges, SD cards, CDs, Blurays and USB sticks using Macrium Reflect. Macrium Reflect has proved itself to be an incredibly versatile solution. For instance, when Upham inherited a Windows Server with an RDX drive which would not cooperate with windows server's on backup utility, Macrium Reflect ran successfully for a year until the server was retired. Each site has one or more Windows 7 PCs running standard office software alongside specialist software such as hotel booking systems. Each hard disk is split into a Windows partition and a recovery partition. The PC runs a full image of the Windows partition to the recovery partition overnight, retaining 5 or 6 images. This allows Upham to wind back to a previous day very quickly if required.

A real time saver

"I was called by one of the pub managers and informed of an infected PC. Using a restore from the previous night's image, I was only on site for a total of 2 hours. Macrium Reflect allows me to install the startup menu option so I don't even need a startup CD or USB in cases such as this". If Upham have a corrupt hard drive they can restore to a new drive either from Macrium images stored in the recover partition of the PC’s hard disk or from incremental images stored on a server."The most important part of any backup software is to know that when I want data back, it's there waiting for me" Rob Rancans, I.T. Manager