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How Your Data Backup Plan Can Support NIS2 Compliance

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their tactics, leaving organizations striving to stay one step ahead. In response, the EU enhanced its cyber security directive, NIS, by introducing its latest iteration, NIS2, in January 2023. Businesses now have until 18th October 2024, just three months, to ensure their practices comply with its requirements.

Many businesses will already have strategies in place for protecting and backing up their data. And this diligent, methodical approach can go a long way to meeting the requirements, not just NIS2, but a range of laws, regulations and accreditations.

Join our webinar ‘How your Data Backup Plan Can Support NIS2 Compliance’ on Thursday 18th July, when we’ll be joined by special guest speaker Michael Hopewell, Director of Minerva Secure, a governance, risk and compliance services provider based in Manchester, UK.

Gain an overview of how developing a long-term backup and recovery plan, including consistent processes and routines, can help you meet the demands, not only of NIS2, but other standards and certifications, such as ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA.

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