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Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft are an ecommerce site selling unique craft and home décor products based in Ohio, USA. Always at the forefront of technology, they launched their first website in 1996 and haven't looked back!

Cost versus feature set 

FDC realize the importance of backing up their data in case of disaster and had initially used tape backups, which needless to say, were not sufficient for their needs. They started using a competitor but found the costs didn’t match the feature set offered. When a set of aging servers needed replacing, it was calculated that the cost of backing them all up using the competitor would be prohibitive. Therefore FDC started looking for other options.

Proactive backup solution

"When looking for replacements, I looked for software with similar, or greater feature sets firstly. Price was secondary. The software needed to work and cheapness of software is irrelevant if it doesn’t do the job." Jarod Christman, Chief Technology Officer

FDC chose Macrium largely as it fitted their needs and was lower priced. Macrium is very important to their business. Not only is it part of their data backup, it's also a server configuration backup. This gives Macrium Reflect an edge over simple backup options and importantly helps minimize downtime and reconfiguration time, should complete failure occur. Macrium Reflect is also very useful as a proactive tool, as if a failure is seen in the future, FDC can simply image the drives and restore to new hardware.

"I'm more of a utilitarian and the core features and how well they are implemented interest me. The backup features for Macrium are great and fulfil all our needs". Jarod Christman, Chief Technology Officer