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Deteinco Informatica

Deteinco SL, founded in 1995 and based in Barcelona, Spain, is an organization oriented to providing excellent customer service. Their goal is to be accessible, efficient and always offer products and services that are best of breed and very reliable. Even when it was founded as a entity specialized in quality systems consultancy, since 1998 the company has been also offering computer services consulting.

 "We are pleased to collaborate with Macrium. Working with Macrium Reflect has been always successful, especially because of its excellent reliability and speed. We have not had any incidents with them. It never let us down!"

What were you looking for when you found Macrium Reflect?

We were looking for a imaging system able to create consistent and reliable images that are easy to redeploy. 

Why did you select Macrium Reflect?

When we were doing research about the best backup solution, we saw many good recommendations  and reviews about Macrium Reflect that that made it stand out from the rest. Also, the opportunity to join the Macrium Valued Partner Program was another compelling reason why we thought they were our best option.

What were the results of working with Macrium Reflect?

We are extremely happy. Macrium Reflect has totally exceeded our expectations.

Why you think working with Macrium Reflect was successful?

Working with Macrium Reflect has been successful especially because of its reliability and speed. We have not had any problems with Macrium Reflect.It never let us down!

If a potential customer is considering purchasing Macrium Reflect or not, what would you say?

For us Macrium Reflect is the best option on the market without a doubt. Its ease of use, range of features and reliability put it far ahead of the others.

What specific characteristic did you like most about Macrium Reflect?

The ability to create bootable USB keys to work with Off-line systems and the Re-Deploy feature to place the images to new hardware, where just two of the create features we liked.

What are three other major benefits of Macrium Reflect?

Great value for money considering the great reliability and compatibility.

Would you recommend this Macrium Reflect? If so, why?

Yes, certainly! It works perfectly every time and has advanced features.

Deteinco Informatica