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David Ritchie Ltd

David Ritchie  Ltd

David Ritchie offer innovative material handling solutions for the offshore, gas and chemical, security, medical, defence and utility markets. Additionally they provide farmers with a range of high tech agricultural equipment.

Wanted: A reliable and fast back-up and disaster Recover solution

Ritchie’s had 5 servers in place and they needed a comprehensive solution that would allow them to virtualise all server functions and be confident that all their data would be available should disaster strike. In addition all host and guest servers needed to be backed-up to NAS devices for fast data retrieval.

Faster than making a brew...

Ritchie have been using Macrium for over five years now and chose them due to their simplicity of restoring full mages and the ability for a fast, full image backup which can be replicated in multiple locations.  With weekly full back ups and daily 'differentails', Ritchie are confident all their data is safe and secure should anything go wrong. Macrium made the virtualisation of old server functions painless and the handling of GPT disks has proved a very useful component to the software.

Wouldn't be without it

"Macrium Software is pretty essential to ensure we’re protected against any server disasters, the functionality is invaluable."

Moving forward

Ritchie have found the server licenses to be so successful that they are intending on taking out a technician's license in the future to ensure all their PCs are fully maintained.

"Access to recoverable data takes only 2 minutes now compared to 30 minutes with previous supplier’s tape based solution; the speed is fantastic". Keith Batey I.T. Systems Analyst