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Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University

Rick Smith

Reliable and speedy backup solution required

Rick used a Macrium competitor for over 10 years, but as Windows transitioned from XP to Windows 7, Rick found that the product went a bit sideways, and that the solution needed too much support to make it a viable option.

Zero to Hero

After lots of trial and error, Rick settled on Macrium Reflect and has found the new version of the software particularly impressive.

"I want a solution that allows me to go quickly from 'Zero to Hero' and Macrium helps me achieve that. The new v6 is faster and the menus much cleaner, allowing me to 'set it and forget it' with ease".

Rick gives the new scheduled backup button a thumbs up as you can tell it exactly how you want it to backup without having to jump through hoops to get there.

Rick also comments on the excellent customer service he has received from Macrium support:

"I would give the customer support an A*. They have been fantastic. Very attentive and willing to answer any question sent to them. When other suppliers haven't responded fast enough, I'm happy to say "You’re Fired!" They should be great or be gone. I’ve found Macrium easy to get hold of and they respond very quickly".

The Future

At the moment Rick uses Macrium for backup on critical workstations in his department but as his old Windows 2003 Server gets upgraded to a Windows 2012 server, Rick will be looking into having Macrium installed on the server as well.

"I'm used to great, I expect great, and Macrium delivers great support".