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Macrium Summer Sale!

Summer is here, and so are the savings! As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we’re excited to offer you a fantastic deal on our top-rated Macrium Reflect 8 Home Annual Plan.

Until July 7th, you can enjoy a 20% discount on Reflect 8 Home Annual Plan. When it comes to safeguarding personal files, now is the perfect time to invest in robust protection at a great price.

  • Minimize disruption

    Use Macrium Reflect’s innovative scheduling tools to create regular backups at times when you’re not using your computer or by selecting times when CPU utilization is low, combined with the ability to create full, incremental or differential backups and other tools that accelerate the backup process help minimize disruption during backups, ensuring seamless daily operations

  • Greater peace of mind

    Knowing Macrium Reflect is taking care of your computer backups provides a degree of assurance, but even better are our verification and restore virtualization, which allows you to be confident that your images provide the insurance policy against disaster that you need.

  • Total control of your backup images

    Macrium Reflect is designed for ‘offline’ backups, which means in the event of a disaster, your backup images are right where you need them. In addition, Reflect optimizes the storage of your data with retention rules, data compression, and multiple destination options, efficiently managing backup space. For peace of mind and security, Macrium provides image encryption and password protection to ensure that should someone steal your image, data remains safe and inaccessible to anyone else but you.

  • Making backups should be simple

    With an easy-to-use interface, responsive and knowledgeable email support, extensive online resources, and multi-language interfaces, Macrium simplifies the backup process for home users. At the same time, Macrium makes it easy for you to decide what and when to backup - from single files or folders to an entire operating system, you’re in control of the backup process.

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2 Ways To Buy

Best Value: 50% DISCOUNT off Annual Plan 4-packs!

Home Annual Plan

Best for long term value, giving you access to Home Exclusive Support, the latest new features and upgrades

  • From as little as per month
  • Home Exclusive Support includes Direct access to our experts with a maximum same day (24 hours) response for the lifetime of your plan
  • One free setup call getting you started if needed
  • Access all future releases (new features & latest fixes)
  • Email, Customer Forum and Knowledgebase included

One-Time Purchase

Buy once and own Reflect Home version 8 with access to minor updates and one year of support only

  • Home Essentials Support for 1 year (Support cannot be extended)
  • Access to minor updates & fixes for this version only
  • Email, Customer Forum and Knowledgebase included

Benefits of the Annual Plan

Home Exclusive Support

Direct access to our experts

Always Up To Date

Access all future releases and updates

One free setup call

We help you get setup

Managing data backup, recovery, and cloning tasks at home can be daunting. Challenges home users face include slow backup speeds (trying to backup to the cloud only makes matters worse), the risk of data loss during cloning and recovery, or worse, complete failures at the point of greatest need, and the complexities of cloning drives to new hardware.

Macrium Reflect Home provides reliable, user-friendly backup software that you can depend on. It’s a vital tool to safeguard your complete system or selected data files and projects, ensuring you can always recover them in a worst-case scenario.

We believe that data backup should be the core of your personal data protection strategy. Ensuring your data is regularly backed up using scheduled backups provides continuous protection and peace of mind that a version of your data is retrievable at any given time. Regular backups can also provide a recovery point should your computer be infected with malware or other unwanted viruses. One-off data backups are also useful in preparation for planned upgrades or updates, such as a new computer or upgrading a hardware component.

Finding the right software is crucial to making backups as effortless as possible, particularly as the goal is to be able to restore with as little stress as possible.

Protect your data from rapidly evolving threats with Macrium Image Guardian

Ransomware is one of the most familiar and insidious cybersecurity threats today. One of the most powerful features of Reflect Home is Macrium Image Guardian.

Our software stops ransomware from targeting backup files, making data recovery a breeze. By granting write access only to Macrium-specific file types, it’s nearly impossible for any unauthorized modifications - like encryption by ransomware - to take place.

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