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An easier way to use Macrium at scale

Deploy Macrium Reflect across many workstations and servers for comprehensive backup protection

Backup at scale can be complex. Macrium Agent Licenses make life easier for organizations that need Reflect to protect multiple workstations or servers. Not only are they more cost effective than standalone licenses, they can also be installed and configured quickly using Macrium Site Manager.

Easy installation

Macrium Agent Licenses are installed using Macrium Site Manager. When you purchase Macrium Agent Licenses for Workstation, Server, or Virtual Server, all you need to do is download Macrium Site Manager and enter your license codes.

No special configuration is required, which means you'll be able to get up and running easily - you won't need to touch anything on the managed agents, as you'll be able to do everything inside Site Manager.

Comprehensive backup

Macrium Agent Licenses are supported by Macrium's powerful backup engine. With a wealth of capabilities, from flexible scheduling, templates, and Changed Block Tracking, Site Manager users can be confident their backup deployment will provide robust data protection.

Cost effective

At a time when IT budgets are tightening, we know that buying standalone Macrium Reflect at scale can look costly to stakeholders. With Macrium Agent Licenses, it's possible to run Macrium Reflect backup at scale in a more cost effective manner.

Macrium Site Manager - Agent Licenses FAQs

Macrium Site Manager allows you to scale Macrium backup in a way that is fast, simple, and more cost effective than purchasing and running many standalone instances. However, we know users have many questions about Macrium Agent Licenses (MALs), ranging from what they can do to how they should be set up. To help, we've put together this page of frequently asked questions.

If anything is missing, simply get in touch and we'll help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions