Clone hard drives and move data quickly and easily with Macrium

If you're looking for hard drive cloning software to clone and move data from an HDD to an SSD - or even to simply move from one HDD to another - you're in the right place.

Macrium Reflect's backup engine powers a clone process that just works. It makes the process of cloning easy, safe, and fast, and is able to tackle both common and obscure cloning challenges that many people run into.

Thanks to its ReDeploy feature, when you use Macrium to clone, the software will update Windows before it boots to ensure the target boots first time, every time.

Macrium Workstation Screen


Using Macrium to clone a hard drive is straightforward and accessible, which means you don't have to worry about learning new skills or getting lost in a new tool.


Advanced features such as intelligent sector copy and delta cloning make Macrium Reflect the fastest cloning tool available. Both live and offline systems can be safely and coherently cloned, via portable media or a bootable environment.


Macrium has solutions for IT professionals, repair shops and even disk OEMs. The clone process is available either from an installed application or via portable media.

How to clone a disk with Macrium Reflect

To show you how to clone a disk with Macrium Reflect, we’ve put together a short video tutorial.

In this example, the target disk will be larger than the original, and we will use Macrium Reflect to resize the new partitions.

You can learn more about disk cloning with Macrium Reflect on the Knowledge Base.

What Macrium products can I use to clone?

We know that there are many different reasons to perform a clone - from upgrading to an SSD to replicating a system on a new machine.

Whatever your reason is, you can be sure we have the product you need to clone easily and safely.

Learn more about Macrium and cloning

For more information about how Macrium can be used for cloning visit our Knowledge Base, which features detailed information on how the software works.

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For people who need a fully featured clone & backup for their home computer.

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For workstations and servers that need a scheduled, high performance clone.

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For an IT professional that needs to create unlimited ad hoc clones without installation.

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For Disk OEMs who need a bespoke, branded clone tool.

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For an unsupported, basic clone solution, try the Free Edition*
* The free edition can only be used to clone the computer it is installed on.